Rail Mount Free Stop Gravity Roller

With 2-Way Stop Device

Before you start: In addition to the size of the shade, you must establish the weight per m2 for the chosen fabric as this is key to determining which FreeStop spring to use.

Step 1: Cut you aluminum and fabric for your specific shade.  The recommended deductions are as follows:

Deductions from desired final width
ItemDeductionEx. based on 36″ OB
38mm Double Slot Tube(-) 1.25″36 – 1.25 = 34.75″
Fabric(-) 1.37536 – 1.375 = 34.625″
Bottom Rail(-) 1.25″36 – 1.25 = 34.75″
Head Rail(-) 0.50″36 – 0.50 = 35.50″
***The above deductions apply to direct and rail mount shades as well as shades using the Pin End or the 2-Way Stop Device

Step 2: Attach the fabric to the tube and bottom rail per your preferred or established method.

Step 3: Using the Spring-Fabric info Chart, find the section that best reflects the weight of your fabric.  It is recommended that you use the section closest to your fabrics weight. For example, when using a fabric with a m2 weight of 180g, use the section for 200g instead of the 150g.  Each section will show which spring to use and how many pre-tension turns are required dependent on the shade width.

Step 4: Insert the spring into the tube from the left ensuring that the clutch head is seated fully into the tube.  Ensure that the middle wheel on the 2-Way Stop is rotated all the way left before inserting it into the tube from the right or idle end side.

*NOTE: Wheel should be tensions up against left stop

Step 5: Using the Tension Tool or 3/8” closed end wrench, add the recommended tension/turns to the spring in a clockwise direction.  The clutch head has an internal spring that must be depressed in order to apply the tension.  Once the desired turns are applied, release the spring and the internal lock will hold the tension.

Step 6: Insert the Safety Tension Pin into the clutch head. This will ensure that the tension is not released inadvertently.

Step 7: For rail mounted shades, attach the wheel adjust bracket to the left or spring side of the rail and the pin end/stop device bracket to the right side. Note when brackets are attached to the rail, the measurement from bracket to bracket should be exactly the requested shade width.


Step 8: Insert the squared tip of the clutch head into the matching opening in the wheel adjust bracket.  Once the two parts are matched and the pin is partly inserted, remove the Safety Tension Pin. Keeping pressure to the left, use the built in guide on the Pin End/Stop Device bracket to seat the squared tip of the 2-Way Stop Device.

Step 9: Mount the shade on your inspection lift station and using the bottom rail, operate the shade up and down repeatedly to ensure it is working properly.  If the shade is moving in either direction of its own accord, use the adjustment wheel on the bracket to increase or decrease the tension on the spring. When spring is properly tensioned, the bottom rail will stay wherever placed.

Counter clockwise direction reduces tension.
Clockwise direction increases tension.

Step 10: Once the tension is set properly, lower the bottom rail to your desired max drop (we recommend 1” more than the ordered length, on a 36” drop we would pull the bottom rail to 37”). Putting pressure to the left of the shade, disengage the 2-Way Stop from the bracket and using your thumb and forefinger, turn the squared tip of the 2-Way Stop counter-clockwise until it will no longer turn and seat the 2-Way Stop back into the bracket.  This will set the bottom most stop point for your shade. This does not need to be exact as it is intended to keep the fabric from being pulled off the tube inadvertently.

Step 11: Operate the shade and ensure that the bottom most setting is accurate.  Once satisfied with the bottom most setting. Raise the bottom bar to the desired upper most point.  This is typically just below the fabric roll.  Insert a 2.5mm Allen wrench into the hole in the center of the squared tip of the 2-Way Stop. Turn the wrench clockwise until the bottom rail begins to jog downward.  This will set the upper most point for your shade.  Operate the shade a few times to ensure it is set properly.

Final Step: Complete all adjustments as desired.

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